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Grenada celebrates 50 years of Independence in 2024.
Grenada celebrates 50 years of Independence in 2024.

WEATHERED HEART - Nesta Ruegg Aberdeen (Grenadian author)

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I have been writing for years, since childhood and I decided to compile all my notes, and jottings into a real book, and Weathered Heart was born. Published in 2007, Weathered Heart is a true publication of experiences lived and shared that captures the heart. A deep journey inward. The essence of what it means to love, be in love, harbour a broken heart and to know pain in love.

To every heart that believes in love and has reached its depths, the hell-hole of depression but through it all never giving up.

It honours the unforgettable experiences of endurance, fear of letting go, of loving, from the heart-warming to the bittersweet. Weathered Heart references the perfect heart; warm, open, battered, torn apart, scared and yet proud to know love. Through our pain is the evaporation of the soul, of life. That is living.

Take a peek inside. Let your eyes scan the pages, open your heart and your mind's understanding. See through the pain. Seek the joy, the beauty of giving, of loving .....