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Grenada Market LLC is a 100% Grenadian owned and operated company registered in New York, USA and registered in Grenada as “Grenada Market” under applicable Acts and laws of Grenada.

We are purveyors of authentic Grenadian (mostly) and other Caribbean products. Our role is to connect and expose these products to the world, harnessing Information Technology as the engine for marketing and selling. We sell on

Our products are selected based on metrics that include quality, familiarity of the suppliers, knowing their farms and their methods of production and more, in order to assure a high standard and preservation of reputation.

Our suppliers range from small farmers and artisans to national companies like De La Grenade Industries, Noel Global, Moses Essences and Diamond Estates – makers of the acclaimed “Jouvay” Chocolates.

We offer safe secure shopping; all major credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and more are accepted. We do not share customer information, and we adhere to GDPR standards for European customers. Please review our Privacy Notice and Return Policy.

We believe in complete customer satisfaction and will work exceptionally hard to ensure a positive shopping experience. We are always interested in your comments and reviews, in order to improve this service. If you have questions/issues with this website or our service please email us at


Grenada Market Team