Fresh spices, bake Caribbean Style this Christmas

Grenada Market selects its products from the best and most reliable farmers, suppliers and entrepreneurs in the respective islands. We do not condone praedial larceny, consequently we do not purchase from unregistered or unknown farmers or suppliers.

Our products are fresh and sustainably harvested, we respect the ecosystems and understand our responsibility in delivering pristine spices and other products to your table. We DO NOT do container loads or store spices in silos, instead we have a constant supply of small newly harvested batches from the islands, so it reaches you fresh always.

We are aware you can buy cheap spices all over the internet, but do you want cheap spices or HEALTHY spices? Our spices are trusted to be pesticide-free, fair trade and of immense quality. When you buy from Grenada Market, small farmers get paid!

Thanks for your business, we cabluew you as a guest, always.