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TURMERIC - GROUND .... Organic, Pure Grenada (6 Oz in resealable pouch)

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Turmeric thru its active ingredient Curcumin is a powerful spice with incredible benefits, among them;

  • Boost cognitive functions
  • Supports joint & muscle health
  • Supports cardio-vascular function
  • Fights inflammation throughout the body
  • Promotes healthy weight loss (especially if combined with some peppers)
  • Natural detoxifier by stimulating bile flow which "washes" the liver, promoting liver health.


This is indeed a serious HEALTH SPICE. Traditionally as a Curry or in Curry mixes. Used in soups, stews and as in marinade. Also used for coloring savory rice, stews, sauces, a staple in Grenada's national dish -"Oil-Down". Gives an exotic colour and flavour to shelllfish,fish and egg dishes.


Turmeric can be boiled with milk to make  Turmeric Tea or "Golden Milk" which is recommended for mood enhancement and all the other good things listed above. Can be combined with ginger and black pepper fro added benefits. Piperine in black pepper increases the bioavailability (level of absorption) of Turmeric which leads to better absorption.


What makes Grenada's Turmeric a better proposition? Frankly most turmeric would do a great service, removes chances of contamination and spoilage experienced by big farmers and silo-stored spices.

The plants in Grenada are largely organic, self growing in the wild, and are responsibly  and sustainably harvested by farmers hands and not machines. Grinding is done in artisan mills with direct care, we think of it as a more "personalized" process. Since we do not store large volumes, our product is always fresh and more potent than most.



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