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CINNAMON - GROUND - TRUE CINNAMON - (3 Oz). Grenada, Caribbean

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This is TRUE CINNAMON (Not Cassia). True Cinnamon is unique to Sri Lanka (Ceylon), Grenada and few other places. Most so-called cinnamon around the internet is Cassia which is not as good in quality, taste and texture as True Cinnamon. In fact Cassia is an unhealthy product that ought not to be called Cinnamon in our view.

Grenada's cinnamon is sustainably harvested from pesticide-free trees in the rain forest. It is dried and prepared following traditional artisan methods.

CASSIA contains very high amounts of Coumarin which is not good. Use Grenada Cinnamon (True Cinnamon). True cinnamon has only trace amounts of Coumarin which is tolerable to the body,