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BOIS BANDE - GROUND (6 Oz in resealable pouch Grenada)
BOIS BANDE - GROUND (6 Oz in resealable pouch Grenada)
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BOIS BANDE - GROUND (6 Oz in resealable pouch Grenada)

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Product of Grenada, Caribbean

Bois Bande "hard wood" is the natural bark of a tree by the same name. This tree is found in Grenada and some other Caribbean islands. Our Bois Bande is 100% natural, no alterations or additives.

There are no documented harmful side effects, however we suggest use in moderation as there is anecdotal evidence of some users having a really hard time (pun intended) because they used too much or too concentrated.

Although this product is popular for its sexual potency, it is believed to have other great values such as blood purification, promotion of good blood flow (of course), and is also said to combat urinary tract infections.

Typically used in alcohol or drawn as a hot beverage.


Add approximately 1.5 to 2 Oz powder or bark to 1 Litre white rum. We recommend white rum because you will be able to see the progress when the color changes different shades of brown as the resin from the Bois Bande mixes into the alcohol. Let stand for at least 1-4 weeks, bearing in mind the longer its aged the better the resulting product. The bark takes longer to infuse, directions using the bark would show a longer wait before use.


Place one leveled teaspoon ground or two pieces bark into a cup of boiled or hot water or milk, let steep for about 10 minutes, strain or filter, add sugar, honey or other sweetener to taste, and drink.

This website does not offer medical advice, nor warrants the use of this product. If you are taking medication or have a medical condition, please consult your physician before purchasing or using this product. We do not promote the use of alcohol by pregnant or expectant mothers or minors. All sensible rules of alcohol use such as "do not drink and drive" etc apply. Adding Bois Bande does not dilute the potency of alcohol and does not change any of the warnings or concerns connected to the use of alcohol.



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