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100% Pure Lemon Grass Essential Oil - 2 Vials @ 10ml each (Product of Grenada)
West India Spices

100% Pure PIMENTO / ALLSPICE Essential Oil - 2 Vials @ 10ml each (Product of Grenada)

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Made from the unripened pimento (also known as allspice) berries, this oil provides the powerful benefits of the spice in only a few drops. Pimento oil should always be diluted before use on the skin.



Great for flavouring meats and fish especially in jerk style cooking.

 Particularly good in flavouring liqueurs such as Benedectine.


Dilute a few drops of pimento oil in water and apply to affected areas to treat minor bruises.


A great relaxant that is often used in combination with other oils such as ginger & orange.

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