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GRAPEFRUIT MARMALADE - Gourmet product of Grenada (340g - 12 Oz)
De La Grenade

Nutmeg Syrup, Morne Delice (Sirop de Muscade) 354ml

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Morne Delice Nutmeg Syrup is a natural product manufactured from the pericarp of mountain grown Grenada nutmeg. In preparing the syrup, juices of the nutmeg pericarp are blended with sugar and water to produce the traditional syrup of the Spice Island... A pale nutmeg flavour, a soft finish, and a clean taste.

Pour it over ice cream, pancakes, fruit salad or even sweet and sour pork and barbecue chicken. Also delightful in cocktails. Mix with club soda or milk to create shakes and fizzes of all kinds.

This distinctive delightful flavour of Morne Delice Nutmeg Syrup is guaranteed to make breakfast a wonderful treat. In fact its versatility is second only to its enchanting taste.

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